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This website is meant to be used for publishing my work, like software, photographs, or electronics projects.

Hello from KL

I live and work in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


My name is Ahmad Hajjar, I am a Software Engineer with a very good experience and desire to learn new things and to contribute in new projects.  An IoT enthusiast, and a hobbyist photographer 🙂


How to Run Hortonworks HDP 2.5 in AWS EC2

Hortonworks is one of the industry leaders when it come to data solutions. They provide an enterprise ready platform, that facilitates the creation and the management of big data clusters, leveraging open-source software like Apache Ambari, and Apache Hadoop, among many others.

Hello world!

While I was exploring Laravel Framework to learn about its new features, to use it in one of my small projects, I got this idea to transform my website to use Laravel, instead of just HTML, to add some dynamic content (even though the website as it stood was doing its job as business card 😀 …

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For any ideas, feedback, or even for just a chitchat 🙂 you can contact me via contact@ahmadhajjar.me